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Have a look at your Average Transaction Total. Is it $14 $15 $16? That’s a pretty hefty sum. It means that everyone in your store who makes it to the register is throwing down fifteen bucks. There are a lot of businesses, retailers and restaurants who would die for that average. Love the customer. What if we just collected $15 admission at the door and let them come in and trash the store? 200 customers? $15.00 a head? $3000.00? I’m good with that. We’ll clean-up after them. Love the customer! Let’s talk about these 200 customers a day. How many of them are a “hard time” in one day? One or two? The math says two customers giving you a hard time if you have 200 transactions is 1%. As retailers sometimes we spend too much of our time, talking about and gossiping about and complaining about less than that 1%. How much time do we spend talking about how pleasant Nancy is? You know Nancy – she is a great customer who comes in and can sometimes spend $100.00 on clothing because she likes to send them to her country. How about Sue? Maybe the highlight of her week is coming in on Senior’s day and getting a discount but also socializing a little bit with those of us who love our seniors? 99% of our customers are terrific! Love the Seniors, Love the veterans, love the regulars – acknowledge them. Doesn’t it mean just a little bit something special when you are greeted at Subway? Already hungry hard time finding a parking space, recipe for aggravation, but the greeting – that little gesture – and it’s Okay. Greet everyone who comes in the store. I am trying real hard not to use the hackneyed cliche about the customer signing our paychecks, but I will leave you with this quote from Henry Ford:

“It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages”

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